How To Get Rid Of A Rash

Another Very Odd Home Remedy;
How To Get Rid Of A Rash!

It is unlikely that you will ever find someone who has not experience a rash. Although, there is certainly no shortage of people who have a ‘homemade cure’ for resolving your rash Everyone out there thinks they have the solution to your itchy situation, but it may be hard to tell which are actually helpful and which are simply, well . . . stupid.

Whether this is a new experience for you, or a rash that has hung on for years ~ like myself! Dermatologists and General Practitioners, pharmacies and drug stores are making literally millions and millions of dollars selling; creams, ointments, steroids, injections and prescription after prescription – all of this without curing your rash, or worse . . . seeing it go away only to return!

For the experienced ‘rash sufferer’ you have probably spent hundreds of dollars between prescriptions, ointments, creams, injections and doctors without any success.

The medically sound age old saying is more true than you think; “there’s no money in the cure, just the medicine”, which keeps you coming back. If they just told you ‘How To Get Rid Of A Rash‘, and that’s just bad for business.

Conversely, and despite famous lines to the contrary, weird remedies don’t always work to cure some natural conditions, and in this case we are talking about a rash. This horrible, itchy, burning, aggressive, annoying, embarrassing, and unsightly villainous ‘rash’.




William Shakespeare once claimed some benefit in the famous formula doled out as; “eye of newt, tongue of frog, wool of bat and hair of dog!” These aren’t really feasible remedies to cure a rash?

The reality is that its just not that hard to figure out that there are some better homemade remedies than those, and most homeopathic cures do not attempt to even fix the problem , which is usually the underlying source of your rash. After all, Shakespeare was only a poet! But what can we take away from natural home cures for common rashes? Do they really do more than just make the affected skin feel better?

Since the birth of mankind people initially had to rely on ‘natural’ remedies, cures and ‘old wives’ tales from how to cure skin leisons to prolonging life. The main benefit to these notions and potions are that they’re certainly ‘cheap’, as they most always come from your pantry or your garden.

Most of these ancient “cures” are more soothing than curative, and certainly none of these have been seen to work in the rash-sufferer’s system to actually prevent any further rash discomfort.

An ‘oatmeal poultice’ for irritated skin is a long respected solution , which soothes as it reputedly draws out impurities and inflammation from the skin. A modern way to fashion this old-time remedy is to moisten oatmeal straight from the package and apply a thick warm glob to the affected skin for a soothing relief. The oatmeal should not be allowed to stay on the skin too long; leaving it in place could become abrasive and undo the soothing effect of the warm wet oats!

Certainly by smearing these soothing oats all over your rash will make it feel ‘temporarily’ better, the fact is that it will not cure or get rid of your rash, which leads to a further feeling of desperation.

Don’t become desperate!

With some effort you can figure out; How To Get Rid Of A Rash.

Since a rash is most likely the skin’s honest response to something the body does not like, merely rubbing a potion on it, no matter how natural and well-respected that something is, will not cure the rash as it originates from the body’s response to something that makes its immune system fight to heal itself.
Another very odd home remedy; combine ten to fifteen basil leaves with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Hmm . . . OK, are we making a salad dressing, pasta sauce or curing a rash? If you actually believe this, but are too embarrassed to try it, you could always just spill your dinner on your rash and then refuse to clean it off stating that it is against your religion. My personal opinion is that this does NOT work, AND smelling like something that just walked out of an Italian restaurant does not sound that appealing to me!
By now the question is probably firmly in your mind . . . will any of these homemaid remedies and cures really work? The real answer is a resounding NO! That being said, some people say they do work and others feel they are not effective. It is simply based on each individuals condition and quite possibly your love for Italian food.

All bodies are different, all rashes are different and everyone will react differently to any treatment and the rash itself. One insect bite may only be a simple irritant for one individual but to another it may be extremely painful and equally discomforting.
Occasionally, the effect of too little sleep will cause a rash-like apparition under ones sleep-deprived eyes. This can be made more comfortable by the application of moist tea bags over the eyelids and skin beneath the eyes. This also works on some individuals as a way to remedy ‘bags under the eyes’, also a manifestation of too little sleep.

Rashes are an usual reaction to something the body is unhappy with; some medically trained personnel believe this extends to accumulated wastes building up in the body and advocate root-based body cleansers known to make the body sweat.
Polk root, sarsaparilla root, red clover root, burdock root and yarrow root are just some examples. While these natural compounds are readily available at natural food stores and seem to have no toxic effects on the body, they also have no demonstrated preventative effects on various rashes.

The best way to simply remedy or prevent an itchy rash is to avoid substances that you have an allergy to.

However, this is not always possible as new allergies can pop up in the body without any warning.

Staying away from items known to cause an allergic reaction or that make you feel strange and out of sorts is one easy way to begin to identify items that you may be sensitive to, without waiting for them to give you a rash!

That being said, good luck in your endeavors on; How To Get Rid Of A Rash.
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